Leasing FAQs

Find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about MINI Leasing.

How can I apply?

Once you have chosen a MINI of your interest simply get in touch with a MINI Leasing Specialist at AGMC who will be able to guide you through the entire application process.

What are the criteria for applying?

Individuals (both salaried and self-employed), corporates and businesses can apply. Applicants must have a valid Emirates ID card and hold a valid UAE driver’s licence. Applications and approvals are subject to MINI Financial Services terms and conditions.

What are the tenure options available?

You can choose from a leasing period of either 12, 24, or 36 months.

What are monthly payments based on?

Your monthly payments for MINI Leasing are determined by the selected model, term of the agreement, and selected mileage.

Can I upgrade or change a model during my agreement?

The option to upgrade or change to a new MINI model is only available at the end of the agreement. When your lease is reaching maturity simply get in touch with a MINI Sales Executive at AGMC and he/she will make you an individual offer that suits your needs.

Are insurance and service included?

Your leasing package will include fully comprehensive insurance and service packages. Book your maintenance appointments with AGMC.

What are the various additional charges?

  • Excess mileage charges in the event the car exceeds the maximum allowed threshold.
  • Late payment fee on unpaid or delayed monthly payments.
  • Early termination fee.
  • Unacceptable wear and tear charges.Late vehicle return fee.

For full fees, costs and charges, including terms and conditions please refer to your leasing agreement.

Are Salik, tolls, fuel and traffic fines included in my lease package?

Salik, tolls, fuel and traffic fines are not included within the lease package and must be paid independently.

What do you mean by wear and tear?

The day to day use of a vehicle causes natural wear and tear and corresponding signs of use. Any wear and tear exceeding such limits will be recorded during the vehicle inspection, evaluated and charged at the end of the lease agreement period. Guidelines will be provided on the wear and tear conditions of what is acceptable and unacceptable before signing the agreement.

What happens if I exceed my agreed mileage?

If the agreed mileage is exceeded then there will be an excess mileage fee applicable.

Can another person drive my car?

Only drivers registered with the insurance provider are permitted to drive the car.

Can I drive my car outside the UAE?

It is not allowed for the car to be taken outside of the UAE.

What happens in case of an accident?

In the case of any accidents, even when there is no third party involved please make sure to contact the police to request a police report and contact the insurance provider. Contact us in order to receive further instructions on how to repair damages in accordance with your leasing agreement.

What happens in case of a breakdown?

In the event that your vehicle cannot move please call 800-AGMC (2462) immediately for roadside assistance.

What happens at the end of my lease?

MINI Financial Services will contact you 3 months prior to the end of your lease agreement to guide you through the end of term process.

Please contact AGMC 3 months prior to your agreement ending, to schedule an appointment for a brief, but mandatory, vehicle inspection. This will provide a clear picture of your vehicle’s condition. Any damage to your vehicle deemed to be excess wear and tear is chargeable. AGMC will examine your vehicle’s condition and provide an estimate of any additional charges applicable and advise if any repairs are required.

Please make sure to return your vehicle at least 5 working days prior to your lease maturity date and schedule a final inspection on the day of return. During this appointment AGMC will examine the condition of your vehicle and confirm that any required repairs have been made. Both you and AGMC will then sign a Vehicle Return Confirmation form to validate that the return process is complete.

Once you have completed your lease agreement, simply consult a MINI Sales Executive at AGMC who will be happy to make you a new offer tailored to your needs and requirements for your new MINI driving experience.

How can I contact MINI Financial Services?

Call us at +971 4 312 9999 or write to us at customerservice-uae@bmwfs.com if you would like to have additional information, to update your personal details, to enquire about a current agreement or any other services during the term of your leasing agreement.

How can I contact AGMC MINI?

Call us at 800-AGMC (2462) or write to us at leasing@agmc.ae if you would like to select a MINI and book a test drive.

For any further information and/or assistance on MINI cars, please visit your nearest AGMC showroom, call us on 800-AGMC (2462), or send us your inquiry here.

For MINI Leasing related inquiries, please contact MINI Financial Services Customer Service at +971 4 312 9999, or send us your inquiry here. Kindly note that these FAQs are for ready reference and the applicability of the above mentioned may vary from customer to customer. Please be informed that in the case of any conflict between the FAQs and your Leasing Agreement, the terms and conditions of your leasing agreement shall prevail.

Terms and conditions apply.

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