LEASE WITH EASE LIKE NEVER BEFORE. Drive home a brand new MINI Cooper S starting at just AED 142/day.

It doesn’t get easier than this! Lease a brand-new MINI 3-Door Cooper S at just AED 142/day* or a MINI 5-Door Cooper S at just AED 145/day* with the following benefits:

→ No down payment required

→ Affordable fixed monthly payments

→ All inclusive package

→ Car insurance

→ Car registration

→ Maintenance and service

→ Vehicle replacement

→ Roadside assistance

→ Protection against Involuntary loss of employment

Terms and conditions apply.
*Offer is valid for (12 months/20,000km) or (24 months/40,000km)
MINI Financial Services is offered through BMW Albatha Leasing LLC.


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